What Causes Car Headlights to Turn Yellow?

Odelya Natan

It is quite normal for car owners to overlook certain parts of their car maybe because these parts do not pose a problem or they do not affect the overall performance of the car. One of such part which a lot of car owners are guilty of is the CAR HEADLIGHTS. Most car owners tend to overlook this part because it doesn't actually pose an immediate risk or cause an annoying sound when it is going bad. However, it is important to take care of it and renew the headlights once they turn yellow and oxidized.  

Why is my Car headlight turning to yellow?

There are several answers to this question of why your car headlight is changing to yellow. One thing to note is that the headlight of a car doesn't change to yellow in just one night or day, the change in color is a gradual process which may not even notice until it becomes so visible. The primary reasons for this gradual change of color to yellow is due to;

• Type of Production Materials

One thing most car users fail to understand is that the materials used in the production of cars today are entirely different that it was in the 80's. Today, car companies make use of Polycarbonate plastics or hard plastics in the manufacture of car headlights as against the use of glass in time past. These polycarbonate plastics are usually permeable, and they are covered with clear coat films to protect its porousness. Even though they are covered with these clear coat films, certain situations tend to cause it to oxidize. Also, the use of certain cleaning agents may cause your headlight to change color to yellow or have a foggy appearance.

Weather Condition & Time

Weather condition is one of the major factors that affect a car headlight. Since car headlights are part of external car features, they are easily vulnerable to severe/harsh weather condition. Road salts, debris, air pollution, bug gut, and intense heat from sunlight during summer can cause the clear coat film to wear off. Apart from weather conditions, the polycarbonate lens which covers the headlights reaches a particular stage whereby the protective coatings which were installed by the manufacturer begin to fade off.
yellow headlights
Car headlights changing color to yellow or having a foggy appearance is a common issue affecting cars in general. The car owner may make use of UV protection, Car headlight changing to yellow is bound to happen. Although, this may be prevented by using the service of a professional in doing a cleanup of the lights. Headlights may not pose a bigger problem in comparison to other features of a car, but it is dangerous to drive with a dim light at night.

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