Yellow, Foggy Headlights? Find Out How to Restore Your Lens

Guy Bader

Unless your income is in the top 1% you probably don’t buy or lease a new car every year. The truth is that many car owners drive the same vehicle for a decade or longer. And this being the case, most cars start showing some wear and tear after being driven for a few years. This is especially noticeable in the headlights because they become oxidized, causing them to fade.

This is what happens to most car headlights, they keep aging and the longer the car is driven, the worse it gets. This is why see a lot of cloudy, hazy looking headlights on the road these days. If you’ve been driving your car for three years or longer, take a look and you’ll likely see that your headlights are now discolored. They’re probably a foggy-white or a yellowish color. It’s not a good look nor is it safe.
Why Vehicle Headlights Go Bad

The main reason headlights fade and become cloudy is because of sun exposure. Ultraviolet radiation, along with environmental factors, causes headlights to simply go bad. If you live in a hotter climate, the problem arises much faster. And with global warming, discolored unsafe headlights will become even more common.
The design of the headlights on some vehicles makes them more susceptible to discoloration. Depending on the size, angle or position of the lens, the headlight can become slightly cloudy or totally opaque.

Many people just don’t notice the problem, or if they do take notice, they ignore it. This is why so many people are driving around with dim headlights at night, which can be very dangerous. So, this isn’t just a matter of how your car looks, but of your safety on the road and that of the other drivers on the road with you.

Regular Lens Cleaning...Lots of Work

There are products on the market that address the problem, but many are difficult to use and expensive. After doing quite a bit of digging, we found something that looks to be the perfect solution. Headlight Restore Wipes are easy to use, get fast results and are relatively inexpensive. Just like the name implies, these are wipes that clean and restore headlights so they shine like new.

cleaning headlights

Why Headlight Restore Wipes Work So Well

No skills whatsoever are needed to use Headlight Restore Wipes. The Wipes come already pre-saturated with the cleaning solution inside a sealed packet. Just open the packet take out the Wipe and get to work. There’s no mess to clean up, the Wipes are environmentally friendly and you can clean both headlights in about 2 minutes.
You can restore your headlights to brand new using just the Wipes. There are a few simple instructions on the package or you can watch a quick video that the company posted on their YouTube channel. Removing the hazy cloud of oxidation on your headlights couldn’t be easier.

Headlight Restore Wipes will quickly take care of the cloudiness on the outside surface, but cannot take care of any damage to the lens on the inside. The product is also not designed to remove fungus or a build up of calcium resulting from polishing the headlights in the past.
The Wipes should not be used on hot headlights. Cool your headlights down first using a cool wet cloth.


Once you finish coating your headlights with the solution on the Wipes, let them get completely dry and refrain from washing your car for at least 24 hours. If you follow instructions, your headlights should shine bright for a good 6 months to a year, at which time can repeat the process.

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